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Windows script to find user information from the sign on id

Posted in Windows on August 19th, 2007

My coworker Emory wrote a little windows script to identify the user from his/her LAN sign on id. I thought it is handy.

@echo off
set /p UserIDToTest=Enter LAN ID of user to check:
echo Sometimes the name is in the comment line,
echo so name and comment are listed below…
net user %UserIDToTest% /domain | find “Name”
net user %UserIDToTest% /domain | find “Comment”

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Windows Command Lines Tricks and Tips

Posted in Windows on July 31st, 2006


I picked up a few things from there.

  • Press F7 for a previous command list.
  • View all environment variables: SET
  • View only system variables that start with W: Set W
  • Find what process has opened what port: netstat -noa
  • Widen your command prompt: mode 120,100
  • View your TCP/IP settings: netsh interface ip show config
  • Weird looking colors: color 8f

Also, check this out if you need a better command prompt.

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Tree – Useful Windows Command

Posted in Windows on July 9th, 2006

Tree is a useful Widows (XP and 2000) command to graphically display the directory structure of a graph or of the disk in a drive. More information can be found here. Since I like it a lot and I can not find the similar command in Linux or Unix, I implemented a Perl script to do the same thing in Linux or Unix.


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Windows Shortcuts

Posted in Windows on June 28th, 2006

Via Steve Clayton.

A few of them that I am not familiar with are:

Windows Logo+L: Lock your machine (password protect)
ALT+F4: Quit program

Ctrl + Esc: Open Start Menu

F1: Guess what it is for
Ctrl + Tab: Switch between windows in the same program. Now that IE7 has tabs, everyone should know this.

Start + break: Brings up the “System Properties”

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Task Manager

ALT+SPACE,X: Maximize a window
ALT+SPACE,N: Minimize a window
ALT+SPACE,E,P: Paste into a command window
ALT+SPACE,E,K: Copy from a command window (use arrow keys).

Ctrl+Z: Undo
F3: for repeat find.
F2: for change file name

Ctrl+P: For bringing Print Window.

Update: I found this official keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

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