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Eclipse Tips From Hardcore Developer!

Posted in Eclipse on July 24th, 2006

How come I have missed this one so long?

Things worth of trying are:

  • Working with different workspaces;
  • Using working sets;
  • Using larger font;
  • Using Fast view and in-place view to give all space to EDITOR;
  • Key bindings;
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Eclipse: tips and tricks

Posted in Eclipse on July 5th, 2006

eclipse -vmargs -Xmx512M

  • Configure Eclipse to Use a JDK, not a JRE. Via Ben Pryor.

Window -> Preference -> Java -> Installed JREs

and make sure that the default (checked) JRE points to your JDK installation

  • Use Multiple Workspaces Effectively. Via Ben Pryor.

eclipse -data c:\myworkspace -showlocation

The -data parameter directs Eclipse to use the “c:\myworkspace” directory on the local machine as the workspace directory. The -showlocation parameter shows the workspace location in the Eclipse title bar – very helpful when running multiple Eclipse instances at the same time.

One note – don’t waste time setting your preferences in each workspace you create. Simply use the Import and Export options under the file menu to export preference from one workspace you’ve already set up into new workspaces you create.

  • Avoid tab indentation when editing source code:

Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Format

Click Edit… button in the right panel

Change the tab policy to “Spaces only” in the Indentation tab

After that you can do a re-format (Ctrl + Shift + Spaces) of all the source code to change all tabs to spaces

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Eclipse: shortcuts (this will be an updated list)

Posted in Eclipse on July 2nd, 2006

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Eclipse: plugins I use (this will be an list updated from time to time)

Posted in Eclipse on July 2nd, 2006

Here is a list of Eclipse plugins that I use for Eclipse 3.2

  • viPlugin: brings the vi editing to Eclipse. A must.
  • Subclipse: integrates Subversion with Eclipse.
  • VSS Plugin for Eclipse: I keep this one since VSS is still in my toolbox.
  • JadClipse: allows you use Jad to decompile a java class in Eclipse.
  • Checkstyle plugin: integrates source code analyzer Checkstyle into Eclipse.
  • Log4E: helps you to use logger easily in Java projects.
  • KeepResident: increases Eclipse performance by encouraging Windows to keep more of the Eclipse Java process in physical RAM. It works for Windows only.
  • Easy Explore: adds a windows explorer to the context menu of a file or folder in the project.
  • Cmd Here: my clone of the Easy Explore to add Command Here to the context menu of a file or folder.
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Eclipse: Better Manage the Plugins

Posted in Eclipse on July 2nd, 2006

I just downloaded and installed Eclipse 3.2. I read this blog in the fast and always wanted to try it but did not follow it. Well, that is no longer the situation any more.Since I like to try and use different plugins (tools matter, right?), it is time for me to manage the plugins in a more efficient way. So after the installation of version 3.2, the first thing I did is to follow the good practice to better manage the plugins.

Good practice should be followed at the earliest time.

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