Eclipse: plugins I use (this will be an list updated from time to time)

Here is a list of Eclipse plugins that I use for Eclipse 3.2

  • viPlugin: brings the vi editing to Eclipse. A must.
  • Subclipse: integrates Subversion with Eclipse.
  • VSS Plugin for Eclipse: I keep this one since VSS is still in my toolbox.
  • JadClipse: allows you use Jad to decompile a java class in Eclipse.
  • Checkstyle plugin: integrates source code analyzer Checkstyle into Eclipse.
  • Log4E: helps you to use logger easily in Java projects.
  • KeepResident: increases Eclipse performance by encouraging Windows to keep more of the Eclipse Java process in physical RAM. It works for Windows only.
  • Easy Explore: adds a windows explorer to the context menu of a file or folder in the project.
  • Cmd Here: my clone of the Easy Explore to add Command Here to the context menu of a file or folder.