Set up a subversion server for LAN use in 10 minutes

  • Download the latest stable Subversion binaries for Windows from here
  • Unzip it to a directory of your choice.
  • Add the bin directory under the subversion installation to your PATH
  • Create a new subversion repository

c:\svnadmin create \path\to\svn_repository

  • Modify configuration file svnserve.conf under the conf directory of the subversion repository you just created  to allow write permission to repository
  • If needed, import existing projects into the newly created repository
  • Use the SVN Service Wrapper for Windows to set up svnserve as a windows service. This way whenever you restart your machine, your local subversion server will be started
  • Alternatively, start subversion server manually as:

c:\svnserve -r pathtosvn_repository -d

  • Done. You now can access the new subversion repository within your LAN. The URL for your subversion repository is:

svn://localhost/path/to/svn_repository or